Prepared all LAYBÉ products. Experience a unique flavor.

The main objective of our company is transparency, because in this world of spices there are different varieties and qualities. You can always see in all our packaging the origin of each hand selected spices. Devoting much care in handling, packaging and transport to ensure the absolute maximum food quality.

proceso de elaboracion de especias naturales

One of the enemies of any kind is light and moisture so our packaging preserve the species of these two elements.

proceso de elaboracion de especias naturales

Our experience of over 30 years dedicated to the world of spices and saffron has served to give the product an extra quality, thanks to control of the process from the beginning to the end offer a premium quality spices and saffron that very few can reach match in this sector. That is why we have invested so much time and effort to gather the necessary elements for the development, improving production processes and selecting the best packaging to ensure that each gourmet quality.

proceso de elaboracion de especias naturales


What is the value provided by this preparation?

We talk about «The experience of a unique flavor» when you incorporate natural spices on the table quality is very noticeable difference, the dishes start to have better taste and whenever you make sure to use products that benefit the quality of what you eat.

proceso de elaboracion de especias naturales



You can ask any question you have, soon we write about the step by step process of growing and processing our famous Saffron, from the beginning in cultivation to roasted and final packaging.




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