The quality of saffron is determined by its values ​​crocina, picrocrocinas and Safranal, chemicals that are responsible for the color, flavor and aroma characteristic of saffron, and his physical appearance: deep red, whole and free of floral remains strands.

As in the rest of the spices, like any other product that gives the land, the quality depends on several variables such as: geographic location, climate, terrain, selection of bulbs, method of cultivation, harvesting, handling product and subsequent work. Our goal is to find the best area of ​​production of each spice.

The biggest producers of saffron, today, are Iran, Spain, Greece, Morocco and India.

Our goal is to provide excellent saffron, both Spanish and Iran, giving consumers choice and freedom to choose what you want more.

In Iran we find areas where the cultivation of saffron originated from the Middle Ages. There is a great tradition regarding the cultivation of saffron in Spain and in Iran but the clearest difference, that will determine the quality of it, is based on roasting.

The highest quality of saffron is obtained through a strict process of roasting, which in Spain is carried out at high temperature and in a very short time, allowing the strands are flexible and resistant acquiring a bright bright red. Thus the result is an end product with intense aroma and coloring power. In Iran, this process varies by region so you can find crocuses of different qualities. Specifically, it is important to perform roasting the day of collection of flowers and after paring process. As a result the differences in the various quality levels are due to the growing process, peeling, drying and roasting.

So you can find Spanish saffron Iranian low quality as good quality and vice versa, since the original bulb is the same, Crocus sativus, and there are no varieties. We are professional in selecting the best saffron, ensuring the highest quality.


We follow the European standard for Quality of Spices (European Spices Association, ESA), we specialize in selecting top quality spices in the world indicating its source of origin.

As for the pepper, we offer two varieties: white and black beans and black ground ensuring that 100% black pepper is «piper nigrum». In peppercorns, we choose black pepper Tellicherry, originating in India, the state of Kerala, and white pepper Sarawak, native to Malaysia (Indonesia) as these areas have a long tradition in cultivation and drying, getting the best peppers in the world.

Regarding the paprika we believe that the best producers are located in Spain and Hungary for its great tradition for centuries. The paprika is of good quality will depend on the crop, soil care, selection, harvesting, drying and grinding. We put on the market peppers from cultures in Spain, selected and milled in the traditional way to get the best quality in each season offering spicy, sweet and smoky mode.

We opted for the Ceylon cinnamon, whose origin is given in India and Sri Lanka, for its properties and superior quality achieved. It can be eaten raw or ground to get more intense flavor and aroma.

As regards the nail, the nail offer beans from Madagascar, a place where the nail is harvested, selecting, cultivating and caring entire process involved in the production and drying it.

We offer the Spanish Oregano of the highest quality since Spain has small crops where the worker employed great effort and care to get the best oregano.


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